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How To Please A Woman(2022)

Hot on the heels of "Good Luck to You, Leo Grande," where Emma Thompson's uptight character hires a young male sex worker, comes "How to Please a Woman," an endearing, sexy comedy from Australian director Renée Webster (it's her first feature) where a woman in a sexless marriage with an unexciting job forms a company, almost on a whim, where men clean women's houses shirtless and, if desired, also provide sexual "favors." There's a little "Magic Mike XXL" in the mix of "How to Please a Woman," with its merry band of eager-to-please strippers, although "How to Please a Woman" also hearkens back to "The Full Monty" in its surprisingly profound look at pleasure. Pleasure can't be compartmentalized to one area of life, everything affects everything else. There's also some messaging here, present in "Full Monty" too, about how men and women can always do better at communicating with one another, and maybe it's preferable to be on the same side in wanting to have a better time, in and out of bed.

How to Please a Woman(2022)

Steve (Erik Thomson), the owner of the moving company, heads up the IT department of this new venture, and one of the movers, Ben (Josh Thomson), handles office supplies. (One of the funniest scenes involves Ben having to "fill in" for one of the guys who can't make an appointment. Ben is in a panic. But it must be done. Ben steps up. Ben has hidden depths.) The script is extremely witty and three lines ("Could we skip dinner?" "One is never enough." and "That was a career highlight") made me laugh out loud. But Webster sneaks in those deeper moments in seemingly casual exchanges. Early on in the process, one of the movers sidles up to Steve to speak to him privately, saying, "I'm not exactly sure that I can reliably say I know how to please a woman." Steve thinks about this for a moment and replies, "If you can say that, you're a better man than most."

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