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Rihanna - Love On The Brain

"Love on the Brain" is a song recorded by Barbadian singer Rihanna for her eighth studio album, Anti (2016). It was written by Joseph Angel and produced by Fred Ball, with additional writing by Rihanna. The song was sent to the US rhythmic contemporary and urban contemporary radio stations on 27 September 2016 as the album's fourth and final single. "Love on the Brain" is a doo-wop and soul ballad inspired by 1950s and 1960s music. Its instrumentation consists of a guitar arpeggio, swirling organ, a simple chord progression, syncopated strings, and orchestra. Lyrically, the song has themes of swinging back and forth between the highs and lows of toxic love.

Rihanna - Love On The Brain

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"Love on the Brain" was the first song commissioned for Rihanna's album Anti.[1] Written by Norwegian songwriter and producer Fred Ball and American songwriter Joseph Angel in late 2013,[1] inspiration for the song came from Prince and Al Green. Ball recalled, "We wanted it to have that juxtaposition of an old school soul feel with modern lyrics. That's why Amy Winehouse was never pastiche or retro even though her music has an old soul sound."[1] Ball also stated that they did not write the song with Rihanna in mind. However, his manager at Roc Nation, Jay Brown, heard the song and loved it. Brown sent it to Rihanna and she also reacted similarly, writing additional lyrics.[1]

"Love on the Brain" has dark lyrics that depict a destructive, yet addictive relationship,[18] with themes of "swinging back and forth between the highs and lows of love".[20] Some critics believed the song was an "ode to a violent lover", possibly referring to Chris Brown after the pair's highly published domestic violence case and rekindled romance years later. Lyrical examples include "It beats me black and blue but it fucks me so good / That I can't get enough / Must be love on the brain."[15][21] Adam R. Holz of the conservative organization Focus on the Family's website noted the song "mingles nihilism, lust and at least the metaphorical presence of physical abuse".[22] Jessica Eggert of Mic agreed, noting that "Rihanna wears her heart right on her sleeve and takes no prisoners in expressing the pain of a metaphorically and physically damaging-yet-undying love."[23]

"You can almost picture her leaning on a dusty bar, nursing a drink and looking for someone to tell her story to," the Guardian's Michael Cragg wrote of Rihanna's bluesy, old-school love ballad, adding that her voice sounds similar to British soul singer Duffy's in the song, and even Erykah Badu at times.

"Love on the Brain" lyrics: Between the soulful, bluesy melody and vocals and lyrics such as, "I'm tired of being played like a violin/ What do I gotta do to get in your motherfuckin' heart?/ Baby like ah, woo, ah," "Love on the Brain" is a true love ballad for the ages. Rihanna wears her heart right on her sleeve and takes no prisoners in expressing the pain of a metaphorically and physically damaging-yet-undying love. She co-wrote the track with J Angel and Fred Ball, according to Genius.

The song is about being delirious while in love. It begins with the lyrics, "And you got me like, 'Oh' / What you want from me?" while Rihanna sings in the chorus, "Must be love on the brain / That's got me cursing my name."

I believe this song is about abuse in every sense. "You got me like ah. What you want from me?" ... "Baby you got me let go.. You love when I fall apart so you can put me together and throw me against the wall" This shows misogyny. The abuser plays the role of the villain and the hero, by pulling her apart emotionally and then comforting her so she is sent back into his arms, which is the cycle of abuse, by practising control over the victim. "Baby you got me like ah, woo, ah... don't you stop loving me, don't quit loving me, just start loving me" This again is the cycle, he grabs her rough and hurts her and when she tries to ask for him to let her go, he proceeds with the abuse. This cycle makes her delusional and perceives this as "Love". She tries to rationalise why she stays and concludes that if it was love in her heart, surely her brain would dispute this but her brain keeps trying to rationalise and conclude it's love, so she concludes that it's definitely love on the brain. The second verse reveals a much darker side. The feelings of worthlessness and feeling unloved seep through when she says "No matter what I do, I'm no good without you". She begs her abuser to keep loving her, even as he continues to beat her, she begs to be loved and asks what she has to do to get into his heart so she can be loved by him. She says "I'm tired of being played like a violin... What do I gotta do to get into your motherfuckin' heart" This shows that she does not want to be loved by anybody else anymore because they've played her in the past, so she begs him to tell her what to do so he can just love her, she begs for this while he proceeds beating her , we observe this when she says again "Baby let go!like ah..."

Love On The Brain is a destructive and addictive relationship. For the girl who is currently in this situation. please wake up! He is with someone else now! That means he is not in love with you and he is in love with another! You are wasting your thoughts and feelings! Let go of him. Face reality and face life without him in your life! But you have to be strong!Hope you have a Merry Christmas anyway

I'm currently in it . I love someone who was with me and is now with someone else but I'm still convinced that I love him and we have a chance to be together again .I can't let go in the mind .I'm overwhelmed by the notion of breaking in to that pretty heart still .just can't let go.totally overwhelmed by the fight there is no rationality .no clear logic

I'll said that this song is more spiritual, love on the brain, it is about a love story that live in her head, and she fights against fire cuz she can't get her lover it is not a reciprocal love the second meaning that i see is that the brains controls her heart the relationship is toxic but her brain can't get enough of it

Back in Barbados she is very well loved. She was named the official face of Barbados tourism in 2007 and she holds the honorary title of Ambassador of Culture and Youth. They even created a national holiday to honor her. 041b061a72


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