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Athma Liyanage Song Mp3 Download

Athma Liyanage is a popular Sri Lankan singer and composer who has released many hit songs in Sinhala language. He is known for his melodious voice and romantic lyrics that touch the hearts of his fans. Some of his famous songs include "Sansara Adare", "Hitha Dura Handa", "Sitha Handai", "Oba Tharam" and "Sihina Nelum Mal".

Download Zip:

If you are looking for Athma Liyanage song mp3 download, you can visit the website of Hiru FM, the No 01 online radio in Sri Lanka. Hiru FM offers a large collection of Sinhala songs and Sinhala mp3 that you can listen to online or download for free. You can also request your favorite Sinhala songs and Sinhala mp3 from Hiru FM. Hiru FM is a Rayynor Silva Holdings Company that provides the best live music streaming in Sri Lanka.

One of the most popular songs by Athma Liyanage is "Sansara Adare", which means "The Love of the World". This song is a duet with Uresha Ravihari, another talented Sri Lankan singer. The song expresses the feelings of two lovers who are separated by the world, but still love each other deeply. The song has a beautiful melody and lyrics that will make you emotional.

You can find the song details and the mp3 download link for "Sansara Adare" by Athma Liyanage on the Hiru FM website [here]. You can also watch the official music video of the song on YouTube [here]. Enjoy the song and share it with your loved ones!


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