Our Mission

This organization has been established in April 2020 in Toronto with the Reg. No. of 1201297-9 with the purpose of helping people in need of counseling and Psychotherapy from all around the world. We offer affordable Online Counseling and Psychotherapy sessions for individuals all around the world to be able to live a better life, specifically during this Pandemic that many people are affected in many ways...

Our experts are mostly registered counselors or psychotherapists in Canada, are helping you reach your goal.

The languages we are communicating so far are: English and Persian, more languages will be added on-demand in the near future, so if you need us in your own language please let us know.

Please get in touch with us if:

  •  You are aged 12 and above

  •  You are an Individual feeling excessive anxiety or  depression

  •  You are facing some family concerns, and need help

  •  You are a member of LGBTQ and are facing emotional dysregulations

  • You have faced a Traumatic situation and now you are facing some after-effects or flashbacks and need psychotherapy

  • You are a refugee in Canada and need an affordable service

  • You are hard of hearing, blind or with impaired vision, and are facing some emotional dysfunctions or having issues to discuss it with us

  • You are a Teenage and need help with some issues or if you re facing BPD

  • You are not in crisis