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Counselling  & Psychotherapy For Refugees 

Being a Refugee, by itself can bring a lot to any individual's life. Usually, people are escaping from a situation for a better life, they might have been relocating to achieve better security, peace of mind, less stress, etc. But meanwhile, there are tremendous amounts of suppressed emotions such as after-effects of Trauma.

I do not think we can handle all these together,  we need some help from professionals, some people to hear our narrative, to bring empathy to us, and the new solutions.

Each person is different as we all know, so depending on the belief system, Culture and the Trauma or mental health situation that the individual or the family is coming from, we accompany them to a new life and a new beginning.

" We are here to help and give back to the society"

Affordable Sessions are set for Refugees and also for the people with the low income.

Let us talk together.

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