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Counselling for Immigrants


Sense of Belonging

The first challenge for an immigrant is the cultural and emotional bonds with their country and the relatives that are lost. This, by itself, can cause many psychological after-effects which could cause some emotional 

and psychological dysfunctions, needs to be clearly discussed, and there are many ways to release the tensions, this is an important matter that maybe you are not able to solve it by your own and you need experts to help you in this route.

New Environment and coping

This new environment along with it's new lifestyle,

and maybe financial, educational struggles that many of immigrants are/ have been facing, can add to the weight of life stressors, depending on the age, ethnicity and belief system.

New Family Structure

Along with what was discussed above and many other factors which can not be discussed here, but in the therapy sessions; reform in the family structure and the relationship structure with other individuals in the family may occur, this is a new dynamic that if you do not know how to overcome the hardships and challenges in it, you might face other negative aspects of them.

There are many other individuals and personal stressors and factors which is linked to many things such as your past, your parents, etc, which need to be discussed in detail in the therapeutic sessions.

We are here to help if you need us before it's too late.

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